Sunday, June 18, 2017


Most of them are long dead and from decades ago. When divorces were rare and everyone knew their part. When being the man of the house was respected and traditional values were enforced. The good old days when America was a different world from now.
Today we have spinless He-Cunts who are anything but a father. Many could not keep a marriage together or support a family properly. Brainwashed by political correctness and progressive ideologies. Letting women push them around and succumbing to pressures of today's society. Not in the least concerned that their sons are being forced in public schools learning about homosexuality and degenerate behaviors at a very young age. Being brainwashed at a young age and many men don't care or encourage this practice. More concerned about buying Air Jordans and not being a responsible parent. All of this lead to the breakdown of the traditional American family and the sad state most of our country is in.
There is still hope. I know many fathers who keep it Old School and try their best to support and keep their family Vigorous. It does not matter if It's 2017 they know how it supposed to be done. Not bullied by political correctness. They do what needs to be done. Just like their fathers and their fathers before them.
Men are accountable for their responsibilities.
Many of you are selfie taking He-Cunts useless,


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