Friday, January 5, 2018


Political correctness is a she. 
Most people that are politically correct are women. Delusional women with an over exaggerated mother complex. They wanna regulate behavior and language to adults like they were kids. All attached to their umbilical cord of Pussification. Instead of adults they want big children. Well take a good look at those tampon chewing liberals. What do they act like........ spoiled brats. They preach whining instead of independence. They preach being a victim instead of embracing violence. 
They want you to be weak and dependent. Makes you easier to control.

Any man that's politically correct is not a man. 
You are a useless waste of oxygen. A disgrace to your ancestors and your forefathers. Men like these gave these women the power to apply political correctness in the public schools and in government. These men are a cancer just like political correctness.

You want something to blame why this country is having so many issues. Hate to tell you it's not Trump it's political correctness.

Political correctness is Cultural Marxism or Cultural Communism

The truth will never be politically correct.


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