Monday, February 19, 2018

Random Vigorousity

Interesting fact there was a rifle club in my mother's High School in the late 50's when she graduated. Also an archery club. In Brooklyn NY. What changed from then till now?

Guns didn't change.

Our society is and still degenerating into a politically correct and pussified state of chaos.

Political correctness will destroy this country.

The rise of mass shootings and terror attacks on our home soil is in direct relation to the rise in popularity of political correctness.

Political correctness puts feelings in front of American lives.

Political correctness and freedom cannot coexist.

Political correctness wants to regulate language and behavior.

Political correctness is a mentally ill mother.

Political correctness is Cultural Marxism or Cultural Communism.

Due your due diligence you might wake up from your politically correct coma.

The truth will never be politically correct.


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