Thursday, February 15, 2018


Political correctness is more dangerous than any terrorist or some wacko with a gun.

Political correctness has made a climate of pussification in this country that impedes people to do the right thing. Many people are worried or scared to say things that need to be said. But won't in fear or getting labeled or being ostracized because it might offend whoever. So for example when they say "If you see something say something" how is that gonna work when people are more nervous of being wrong and offending someone. Can't  have it both ways. More people will die because of this.
Political correctness is Cultural Marxism or Cultural Communism. This is a threat to you and your children more than a gun or any nonsense spewed on the news. Political correctness infested our society for years and now the repercussions of this is showing.
As an American I say to my fellow Americans do your due diligence on this and you will see he truth. The truth will never be politically correct.


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