Saturday, November 17, 2018


Political correctness wants you to care about everyone. That is one of the biggest lies ever. Empathy is wasted on people and animals. We all have issues within our families and friends. They come first. They are the priority. Many of you put strangers and other useless endeavors ahead of friends and family. How many broken homes are out there? How many kids grow up without a father? Why do you have a hard time handling each day? Why is your life shit? Why are you a fat, lazy manatee? But you are worried about some people in Somalia starving or the stray cats up the block. Political correctness wants your life in shambles. Makes you easier to control. A tired, and beat up person is more easily controlled. Political correctness is Cultural Marxism which for you dullards is Cultural Communism. It has been put into action years ago. Slowly infesting our society and it gained strength. All you need to do is look around and see what is happening all over the place. Most of you are ignorant to the facts and are one of those "IT IS WHAT IT IS" clowns of pussification. “IT IS WHAT IT IS “ let political correctness gain popularity and strength. So all you mindless ass clowns next time you want to vomit "IT IS WHAT IT IS" it's not it's your fault you did not do your due diligence................
The truth will never be politically correct.


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