Sunday, January 27, 2019


Blessed is the woman with a dirty kitchen and a clean flounder.
Vigorveticus 3:1

A flatulent man stinks. A flatulent women goes OVER THE WALL.
Vigorveticus 3:2

Air Jordans are the sandals of the Tinker Bells of Tampon.
Vigorveticus 3:3

Weak is the man who pushups less than his days on this land.
Vigorveticus 2:9

Weak is the man who owns a dog that carried in one hand.
Vigorveticus 2:8

A woman that does not cook is the cow who does not give milk. 
Vigorveticus 2:7

Blessed is the humble women who shuts up and makes #BEEFSTEW. 
Vigorous is the man who tells woman to stifle it and make Beef Stew.
Vigorveticus 2:6

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